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A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Mitchell Zuckoff , 13 Hours : The inside account of what really happened in Benghazi
Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Stephen King

Dubbed #1 New York times bestseller , Nightmares and Dreamscapes never failed to impress me . The whole book was extremely thick and it contained more than 5 different stories starting of with Dolan's Cadillac. The story of how the Nevada desert swallows a  whole grey Cadillac with its owner Dolan a thug , and his two body guards. The story involved the main character Bob whose wife was murdered by the infamous thug named Dolan who was never caught for his actions . Bob who was desperate after the lost of his wife set up in his own ways to make Dolan pay for what he has done to his beloved wife , Elizabeth. Knowing the culprit who did this as they have once met before a long time ago Bob followed each and every step of Dolan , learning all of his routines . Bob then a school teacher quit his job and became a road technician as he had the perfect plan in mind that caused him to sacrifice his job . Knowing the travel patterns of the grey Cadillac and its usual routes Bob recalls vividly how he watched a movie of how infamous robbers managed to detour and mislead the truck that was carrying loads of cash to a deserted area before executing the final cut. Bob was inspired by the movie. Day by day he imagined the sweet revenge that Dolan was soon going to taste. The day that Bob waited for arrived only to have the Nevada desert swallow the Grey Cadillac as what Bob had anticipated for all these days.

The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything - Neil Pasricha

The Happiness equation is a book full of life lessons from , Neil Pasricha , the writer and how he shaped his life by just a simple equation. This book has opened my understanding of the word happiness. Happiness have different meanings in different contexts but in this book all is classified into the state of being happy. Each chapter elaborating on different points that make up this equation . The most valuable lesson for me personally that I myself had previously overlooked in my life was how decision making on the little and unnecessary things in life was draining your productivity level . Reading it at first sight was hard for me to believe as I was always a firm believer on changing my decisions based on my mood on the day itself . But little do I know it really had a big impact on my life as I was always contemplating on the decisions I did not make . For example the writer himself stated that when he was trying to see the fault on the decisions he had to make everyday he wrote down all of them and upon reading them he was amazed that he made 285 unnecessary decisions a day that was slowly exhausting his brain. Another valuable lesson that this book has taught me was to always be yourself . When you do not be true to yourself you are just casting all those energy in you just to maintain the second identity you have that is put on show every time you are in public or with anyone else . This is true as when you meet someone for the first ever time you and the person are just meeting a representative of each other , when your friendship prolongs the representative of the person you have meet will slowly disappear when one feels comfortable with someone . Being yourself at all times also prevents you from making a big regret on the final day of your life as a nurse once wrote on the Daily mail a blog post on the 5 greatest regrets of the dying , and what do all of them have in common? All of them were having the biggest regret of their lives just because their whole life was catered to this other self of them .

 Overall this book has really made me more conscious of how I am living my life as a whole . Following the happiness equation is my main goal as the stories of how it has benefited lots of live has inspired me to take action to dedicate myself to the happiness equation. I strongly recommend this book too anyone who just needs an overview of life and to anyone who are interested in learning the secrets of how even the top entrepreneurs are living their life with no regrets despite their constant need of being there for their work .

Elon Musk: Inventing the Future - Ashlee Vance

Elon Musk, a man who has crazy work ethics and always striving for his goals no matter what the risks are or what consequences it will have on him or his family . He has gained a title of the Paypal Mafia and is also one of Silicon Valleys most respected entrepreneurs .

   Personally reading this book has increased my respect towards all entrepreneurs famous or yet to be . This book really details out greatly on how Elon Musk started his journey towards success  from Zip2 to X.com and soon Space X and Tesla , impacting me almost immediately as I slowly started to think out of the box just like how Elon did when having such startups . With his crazy work ethics he have made me strongly have faith that whatever sufferings I have now will ultimately lead to a long time success just as how he categorized each investment he makes , long term or short term . Besides I am also flabbergasted by all his ideas that he have come up with , some of them people just could not even knew that they would have needed it until he invented it just like how he did with the electric car . Taking huge risks were also always in his agendas as he was almost bankrupt once and his only option was success as if he failed this he would have nothing left for himself .  Besides one of his most honorable traits were that he was extremely great at coping with massive amounts of stress and pressure as he had crazy work ethics and this blows me away .All in all ,nothing could literally stand in his ways to block him form achieving his goals and that was what inspired and blows me away.He was just a man with a plan no matter what the circumstances were.

   Reading these book which has accounts from previous employees from space X and Tesla I could also tell that although most people see the bright side of Musk , there was this dark side of him that not many could have known as it was usually not published that frequently . He was a man that was also known to have worked all his workers to the bone , such as making them work almost the 22 hours a day or even till the extent of not being able to go back home to meet their families . This was especially saddening though workers who usually just express themselves because of such things were thrown out of the company like garbage although they have done so much for the company . Sometimes to if an employee have an idea that was going against Elon's initial idea they too might get fired just in a matter of seconds. 

   In conclusion I really enjoyed reading these book as it has great insights on one of the leading technological company that may soon takeover the world . It has also opened my eyes to see some bad politics and disputes in such big company that has changed my perspective of such companies . Other than that I would also like to recommend this book to any aspiring young entrepreneurs out there so you will have a greater understanding of what it is like to run such businesses so you will not buckle under immense pressure as Elon is also well known for making fast and effective decisions although he was under great pressure . 

3 important things I have learnt from this book

Mindfulness on the Go - Padraig O'Morain

Mindfulness has thought me 3 important ways that I could improve in my daily life to clear my mind from stress and negative thoughts . 

The foremost valuable lesson from this book was to always stay in the present . Do not look back at the past or the future just stay in the present . Staying in the present will make u aware of the things that are happening around you and you will too be more accustomed to make the present a better place for you . This will clear you mind in a whole as you do not always rewind the incidents of the past that may be a mishap or even so think of the future that may be taxing to you with all the demands from your work place , school and home. In a whole , staying in the present makes your mind accustomed to what is here right now so you will always be positive no matter what the situation maybe and make the best of everything you have.

The second most valuable lesson I have learnt from this book is how mindfulness affects the emotions of your body . For example if you have ever felt dreadful going to a day of work where you know is going to be extremely busy you will tend to have no drive and you will start to focus on complaining that will ultimately make you be negative. But what if you have practiced mindfulness? When you practice mindfulness on such a situation you will make an extreme difference on the way you approach the situation, instead of thinking of the dreadful future focus your energy on getting the things done and just go with the flow . This in a turn make you cast you energy on doing the work so you will not waste your energy unnecessarily on things that are irrelevant such as having a negative thought.

Last but not least is a skill I learnt form this book that is the 7/11 breathing technique. Just picture yourself enjoying your holidays on a cruise and in a blink of an eye you are back to you desk with phone calls to answer and with the stack of files just beside you.This will probably be relate able to you but as you feel that the most joyful moments in your life are as fast as compared to the times that you distaste in life . Try practicing the 7/11 breathing technique in every moment of your life especially during the moments you enjoy the most , doing this breathing technique you are essentially just noticing your breathing at the points you feel it the most for example the chest or at the end of you nose . Doing this will set you in the present and as I have said in the first foremost valuable lesson I have learnt in this book.

Ultimately this book has also thought me dozens of ways to be mindful but personally these 3 are the ones that I find the most easiest to follow and also the ones that has impacted me the most . 

A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) - Barbara Oakley

Whether you are trying to find the values of math and science or just a student of any of these subject beginner or advanced , this book details out the small little steps one has to  take to gradually master it . Math and Science are almost similar in terms of their origin as they complement each other in its formulas . Reading this book has took my understanding of math and science to another step as I learn there is actually life beneath these equations that first may seem lifeless to others . This book also details out highly of how the working mind could be tweaked in order to understand these subjects and how our brain forms neurons to link up between each of these chunks of information .

Personally I extremely favored this book greatly because of the technique it uses to elaborates each of its points in each chapter. With study techniques that have been backed up with research from highly influential universities , I read this book with a convinced mind . This books has taught me about how our human minds work and least to say I am absolutely blown away with the functions and possibilities that we can create through the human brain . How using the proper brain mode to view any situations will actually affect our work or also our actions . For example this book divides the thinking mode of a human brain into two parts , the diffused mode and also the focused mode , diffused mode is a more relaxed version of the mind thinking and focused mode is a mode where the mind is highly focused on one task . The book also compared these two thinking mode as one the diffused mode shinning a torch light in the dark without focusing on a certain point and the other the focused mode shinning a torch light in the dark only to focus all your energy on one point, this clearly shows how endless inspirations and ideas could be blocked when you use the focused mode of thinking instead of the diffuse mode of thinking . This also applies to math and science as formulas and equations only come to great scientist not when they are in focused mode but when they are in diffused mode.This greatly shows the importance of understanding each one of these modes who know maybe you to one day can lead the next generation of scientist to a massive breakthrough.

Another valuable lesson I have learnt was how the human brain works with the same concept of how muscles would work in order to be developed . These concepts could highly show how recovery and reflection of a day of study and work might impact the brain in a positive way as the book describes how neurons forms these small chunks of information into a chain of knowledge for a better understanding of what we are studying. These just changes my views towards highly successful people as before I thought that these people's lives were only based on work and they have no time to rest and enjoy life but knowing how the human brain work it just changes my view on them overall.

Therefore this book should be a necessity for anyone trying to learn something new or are just trying to study in a more effective way so that you get the best of your education and you also get to enjoy life to the fullest . 

The Diary of a Young Girl - B.M. Mooyaart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Frank

The diary of a young girl is a book that was based of the diary of a Jewish girl that was named Anne Frank that died during world war II in a concentration camp located nearby Hannover . This book has brought me to question the human race as God has brought us to do good in this world.It just saddens me to see how being brought up with propaganda everywhere can turn such an innocent little boy into a killing machine. People salughtering each other for the sake of their beliefs, and how such a young girl's life was cut short just because of such beliefs. This book starts of with a girl named Anne Frank being delighted , receiving her first ever diary for her birthday as a present from her mother and father. She personally named it Kitty and cared for her diary as if it was her own personal friend where she can express all her feelings without being restricted and she was also hoping that her diary would be on high demand because the authorities had mentioned to the victims to preserve any documents of the war to be published in the future . She wrote daily entries on the diary and she describes vividly on how she and her family was forced out of her house into hiding as the the authorities n netherlands began to past out laws that prohibits the Jewish people to do almost anything even owning a radio ! Anne and her family were soon brought into hiding in her fathers factory that contained a secret annex that was hidden by a movable book shelf . In her diary there was a clear description on how the annex looked like and she even included a diagram of the secret annex. Living away from the outside world she was basically starting to get extremely bored as the days got by , but she was lcuky enough that there were enough reading materials in the annex that soon made her hooked to books . She began to self study on subjects such as politics , literature and language. Tensions between her and her family and the people in the annex began to rise , because she had been taking things on herself more and more harsh whilst overthinking on even the smallest matter. This had made her flare up to people in the annex even without any reason and Kitty (her diary) her only friend that she could express all her feelings to. The war raged on and day by day and a bright future was uncertain. Live continued as per normal until one fateful day on the morning of August 4 ,1944 at around ten to ten thirty in the morning a car pulled up at 263 Prinsengracht, several figures emerged an SS sergeant and around three Dutch members of the security Police all armed.They raided the whole factory and arrested everyone including Anne . They were all seperated and sent to different concentration camps . Annes's father , Otto Frank , was the only soul survivor of the whole ordeal that killed his whole family including Anne. He now lives in Birsfelden where he devotes his whole life to share the story of his daughter Anne Frank on how her life was cut short due to the war

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - J. Boyne

The boy in the striped pyjamas is a book based on the Holocaust that took the lives of many Jewish prisoners of war. Depicting a boy named Bruno and his family that was forced to leave their house in Berlin to be relocated to Auschwitz . Due to father's job as a commandant for the German Nazis . This was only after the Fury had came to their house for dinner . Mother was first very hesitant to relocate but they all had no choice as Father would otherwise be left alone in Auschwitz . The family moved and settled in Auschwitz, the first few months Bruno was being extremely bored and was really hating the new house as it was not as big as their old house back in Berlin and the house was literally located in the middle of nowhere . Nothing about Auschwitz was really making him like it there and he was constantly against the idea of staying here. No kids , Nothing to explore and they had no neighbors too. His room had a window , looking at through it he saw the wooden posts that were adjacent to each other and were heavily barbed wired . On the other side of it he could see people that were all wearing the same striped pyjamas as they were all lined up in a straight and neat rows with some soldiers who seemed to be shouting at them. Bruno did not understand anything being a typical 9 year old boy , he was curious about them but mother and father had told him that he was not allowed to go towards the area where the fences were located. Bruno was ignorant towards the rules that were set to him and one fine day he decided to go exploring as how he enjoyed exploring whilst he was at Berlin. He ventured through the plain fields past the tress. He was soon getting bored and hopeless as he seemed to have not found anything that was going to make this exploration a worthy one. He looked in the distance , a blob that soon became a figure as he approached it slowly and cautiously trying to imitate what a professional explorer would do. Slowly as it became more clearer and clearer the figure soon transitioned into a small boy that was just sitting down on what seemed like pure dirt on the other side of the fence that mother and father had continuously warned him not to ever come near. Bruno's face enlightened with joy as he had finally found a kid that he could make friends here with in Auschwitz. They stared at each other for a moment before finally starting a conversation. They both had identical birth dates and Bruno was delighted finding a new friend something he had been trying to find all these while , Shummel , was the name of the boy. Shummel was on the other side of the fence though, but that did not stop them from constantly seeing each other for almost all of Bruno's time staying in Auschwitz. Their friendship prospered and they were soon best friends. As the days past and Bruno was constantly meeting his new best friend , Bruno noticed that Shummel was getting thinner and thinner as the days went by and his outfit the striped pyjamas was not even once changed into a fresh pair and it was getting dirtier by day. Bruno as a friend had made his own initiative to always bring food with him whenever they met . Until one day when father called Bruno into his office to tell him that he was going to send them back to Berlin. Bruno by then had been already used to living in Auschwitz and seeing his secret friend , Shummel , everyday . Bruno was sadden by the news he had received and he was hesitant to tell Shummel . When he met Shummel the following day, he was in a dilemma to tell Shummel about the sad news but all in all he still said it regardless. Shummel was in shock and tears formed in his eyes as he was never going to be seeing Bruno forever. They continued on with their conversation and they Bruno made a promise to Shummel that he will go on the other side of the fence just so they can meet face to face without the fence being a barrier and to also help Shummel to find his lost father with Shummel helping him with his disguise. The day they were both waiting for came, but it was raining cats and dogs on that day. But that has not stopped Bruno from proceeding with his plans. They met each other on that day that was hoped to be the final time they met. Neither knew what was coming. The plan when smooth and the moment they met, they stared at each other for the first time without ever having the barbed wires in between them. They stared at each other with each having a strong urge to embrace . They never did . Shummel led the way as he showed Bruno what it was like leaving inside here. The conditions were extremely filthy and the adults all looked the same as Shummel , small framed,skeletal and their faces were all covered in dirt. Bruno began to hesitate about being in here but he was not going to be unkind to Shummel as this would be the last time they met. The soldiers in there were all  just holding their weapons patrolling laughing and seemed to be having a fun time whilst the people in the striped pyjamas were all saddend. Suddenly ... The soldiers began blowing their whistles loudly and all the people in the striped pyjamas were all being forced to start a march. They all obliged with some even being seemed forced out of their will to march. Bruno was starting to panic and was starting to think this was a bad idea but he did not want to just leave his best friend as it is so he stayed put with Shummel . They all marched and were all brought into a hut where they were finally out of the rain. Hoping it was just nothing Bruno did not seemed to even got bothered as everyone was packed like sardines in the Hut.The lights in there were dark and suddenly the door was closed . Bruno did not know anything but he held hands with Shummel as they were packed in the room with the other people . That was the final time Bruno was ever seen again. Mother , Gretel and Father were all extremely saddened with this great loss .

 This was an extremely interesting book, to read and the moment I flipped it from the first page till the last I could not really apprehend on the ending that was extremely uncalled for . In all this book was extremely interesting and the arrangement of the chapters were all planned out really well . The story line was phenomenal and this was the book has really changed my initial view of what a fiction book would be like . 

The Five Steps to a Winning Mindset: What Sport Can Teach Us About Great Leadership - Damian Hughes

STEPS also known as Simplicity,Thinking,Emotions,Practical,Stories. These are the ingredients of success in sports and I feel this book has expressed it in a complex and easy way to understand. With each chapter elaborating greatly on each aspect backed up with stories from successful athletes and coaches who have used these to shape up top world class athletes and find new breakthroughs in what the human body can achieve in the name of sports.Stories ranging from famous football coaches such as Jose Mourinho , Pep Guardiola and also the mastermind behind the success of manchester united Sir Alex Fergerson.There is no doubt you will not learn anything meaningful in this book. Alongside that , this book also contains these successful manager and athletes habits , coaching style and also their grit to achieve breakthrough in their sport.

Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter - Adeline Yen Mah

A book of the depressing memories of Adeline as she embrace adversity in her younger days. The moment she was born her mother passed away which devastated her and her whole family resulting them labelling her as bad luck. She was often bullied by her other siblings and was once tricked into drinking urine. Her father was a wealthy man and was soon married to a foreign woman. Sadly in her childhood Adeline was not shown love by her parents unlike all her other siblings . But instead was taken care of by her grandfather along with her aunt . Life was not always on her side . She lived in Shanghai but was soon moved to Hong Kong . That is when life took a turn for the better for her as when she studied at a boarding school there she joined a writing competition and unexpectedly won . Soon her potential was recognized by her father which then sent her to England to study. Slowly but surely she soon began publishing books that drove her to a successful life . Adeline has been an aspiring character in this book as she battled her way through the hard times she had and despite not being showered with love by her parents unlike her other siblings she still did not make it an excuse just to live her life as it is. She always had a dream to be in a better life . This book has opened my eyes , as it teaches us to appreciate those little things in life and to constantly show love to others which may turn their live around. To grow and forge your character to embrace adversity and to turn your life into a success this book just has it all. For all those readers expecting the unexpected in a non fiction book this book is surely for you without a doubt . 

No Easy Day. The Firtshand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden - Mark Owen

This book is just unlike any I have read . Written by a former Navy special Warfare operations member it shows the ups and downs and the sacrifices made just to execute such a highly profile assassination of Osama Bin Laden . With detailed explanation of each and every movement the team made to make it a success.

Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 - Patrick Robinson, Marcus Luttrell

When all was going according to plan in the mountains . The unexpected happened decisions were crucial . Soon Marcus luttrel , Danny dietz , Matthew Axelson and Micheal P Murphy found themselves in an all out fierce gun fight with a whole battalion of the talibans which were estimated around 200 members . Words could not describe how courageous each men were as the book detailed out how each of the men fought their hearts out . Only to have a single one of them survived the whole ordeal.

A Survival Guide for Life: How to Achieve Your Goals, Thrive in Adversity, and Grow in Character - Bear Grylls

The ultimate guide for those finding your motivation drive to continue to strive to your goals. With the motivational quotes that will keep you in the right mindset. The successful stories of those who persevered through the hard times in life just to see the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. Recommended to all hoping to transform your life for success

Eyes on Target: Inside Stories from the Brotherhood of the U.S. Navy SEALs - Scott McEwen, Richard Miniter

A book that was written from someone who had faced hardship and gone through adversity that forged an unbreakable bond between all his team members. This book contained a few deployment stories of these Navy special operations warfare operators . It also contained stories of how much they had sacrificed just to earn the seal trident . A book filled with all the ups and downs. Highly recommend to everyone as it inspires you and just gives you the extra drive to keep going on with all those phenomenal stories and motivation quotes

13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi - Mitchell Zuckoff, Mitchell Zuckoff

The adrenaline rush in this book was phenomenal. I cannot imagine how it would be like to be one of the operator . The intense fire fight between the operators and the insurgents were so intense that reading it felt as if you were in the fire fight itself . The brotherhood between the operators were expressed greatly . The storyline was unlike any other you have seen and I highly recommend this book to anyone out there interested in action non - fiction books as this is unlike any you have read.