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A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Mitchell Zuckoff , 13 Hours : The inside account of what really happened in Benghazi
A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) - Barbara Oakley

Whether you are trying to find the values of math and science or just a student of any of these subject beginner or advanced , this book details out the small little steps one has to  take to gradually master it . Math and Science are almost similar in terms of their origin as they complement each other in its formulas . Reading this book has took my understanding of math and science to another step as I learn there is actually life beneath these equations that first may seem lifeless to others . This book also details out highly of how the working mind could be tweaked in order to understand these subjects and how our brain forms neurons to link up between each of these chunks of information .

Personally I extremely favored this book greatly because of the technique it uses to elaborates each of its points in each chapter. With study techniques that have been backed up with research from highly influential universities , I read this book with a convinced mind . This books has taught me about how our human minds work and least to say I am absolutely blown away with the functions and possibilities that we can create through the human brain . How using the proper brain mode to view any situations will actually affect our work or also our actions . For example this book divides the thinking mode of a human brain into two parts , the diffused mode and also the focused mode , diffused mode is a more relaxed version of the mind thinking and focused mode is a mode where the mind is highly focused on one task . The book also compared these two thinking mode as one the diffused mode shinning a torch light in the dark without focusing on a certain point and the other the focused mode shinning a torch light in the dark only to focus all your energy on one point, this clearly shows how endless inspirations and ideas could be blocked when you use the focused mode of thinking instead of the diffuse mode of thinking . This also applies to math and science as formulas and equations only come to great scientist not when they are in focused mode but when they are in diffused mode.This greatly shows the importance of understanding each one of these modes who know maybe you to one day can lead the next generation of scientist to a massive breakthrough.

Another valuable lesson I have learnt was how the human brain works with the same concept of how muscles would work in order to be developed . These concepts could highly show how recovery and reflection of a day of study and work might impact the brain in a positive way as the book describes how neurons forms these small chunks of information into a chain of knowledge for a better understanding of what we are studying. These just changes my views towards highly successful people as before I thought that these people's lives were only based on work and they have no time to rest and enjoy life but knowing how the human brain work it just changes my view on them overall.

Therefore this book should be a necessity for anyone trying to learn something new or are just trying to study in a more effective way so that you get the best of your education and you also get to enjoy life to the fullest .