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3 important things I have learnt from this book

Mindfulness on the Go - Padraig O'Morain

Mindfulness has thought me 3 important ways that I could improve in my daily life to clear my mind from stress and negative thoughts . 

The foremost valuable lesson from this book was to always stay in the present . Do not look back at the past or the future just stay in the present . Staying in the present will make u aware of the things that are happening around you and you will too be more accustomed to make the present a better place for you . This will clear you mind in a whole as you do not always rewind the incidents of the past that may be a mishap or even so think of the future that may be taxing to you with all the demands from your work place , school and home. In a whole , staying in the present makes your mind accustomed to what is here right now so you will always be positive no matter what the situation maybe and make the best of everything you have.

The second most valuable lesson I have learnt from this book is how mindfulness affects the emotions of your body . For example if you have ever felt dreadful going to a day of work where you know is going to be extremely busy you will tend to have no drive and you will start to focus on complaining that will ultimately make you be negative. But what if you have practiced mindfulness? When you practice mindfulness on such a situation you will make an extreme difference on the way you approach the situation, instead of thinking of the dreadful future focus your energy on getting the things done and just go with the flow . This in a turn make you cast you energy on doing the work so you will not waste your energy unnecessarily on things that are irrelevant such as having a negative thought.

Last but not least is a skill I learnt form this book that is the 7/11 breathing technique. Just picture yourself enjoying your holidays on a cruise and in a blink of an eye you are back to you desk with phone calls to answer and with the stack of files just beside you.This will probably be relate able to you but as you feel that the most joyful moments in your life are as fast as compared to the times that you distaste in life . Try practicing the 7/11 breathing technique in every moment of your life especially during the moments you enjoy the most , doing this breathing technique you are essentially just noticing your breathing at the points you feel it the most for example the chest or at the end of you nose . Doing this will set you in the present and as I have said in the first foremost valuable lesson I have learnt in this book.

Ultimately this book has also thought me dozens of ways to be mindful but personally these 3 are the ones that I find the most easiest to follow and also the ones that has impacted me the most .